Al Bateen Wharf - Abu Dhabi

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In order to enhance the tourism industry of Abu Dhabi, TDIC, a well-known master developer, revamped the conventional marina vicinity situated in Al Bateen locality. This development consisted of three phases and has currently transformed into a prominent attraction for tourists featuring a luxurious five-star hotel and three distinct marinas named as Al Bateen Wharf, Marasy Marina and Marsa Al Bateen.

The Fishermen's Marina, or Al Bateen Wharf, is situated in the oldest working waterfront in the UAE. It can be found in the central basin that is near to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation. To learn more about the prime position of Al Bateen Wharf in this guide, continue reading.



Al Bateen Wharf covers a 54,000 sq. m. area that stretches into the Arabian Gulf and is situated on the southern side of King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street. See the following list for its notable features:

In addition to the docking area, the marina includes a top-rated hotel, a club for fishermen's community, walkways for pedestrians, and various markets and restaurants along the waterfront promenade. Additionally, there is an ADNOC Marine Fuel Pump available at this location.


options in Al Bateen Wharf, which primarily focuses on promoting tourism and public recreation rather than residential properties. The apartments range from studios to three-bed layouts, with sizes between 624 sq. ft. to 2,515 sq. ft., while seafront villas with up to four bedrooms and five bathrooms are also available for rent.

The cost of goods and services is a crucial factor in determining consumer behavior. When prices are high, consumers may choose to delay or avoid making purchases, while lower prices may incentivize increased spending. Thus, businesses must carefully consider their pricing strategies to remain competitive and attract customers. Factors such as production costs, market demand, and competition should all be taken into account when setting prices for products or services.

As you arrive via King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, you'll be welcomed by the six-tower compound known as Al Bateen Towers. The majority of the residential offerings are comprised of serviced and furnished apartments that visitors such as tourists or businessmen choose to rent for the duration of their stay.



To avoid repetition, public transportation users typically rely on Uber, Careem or taxi services that are available 24/7. The bus stations closest to Al Bateen Wharf require a walking time of approximately 17 to 20 minutes. Popular streets for transportation around the area include Al Yasat Street, Al Quffal Street and Marfa Al Bateen Street - each connecting commuters to the main road called King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street which provides access to other parts of the city.

The urban area is a bustling metropolis with countless skyscrapers, busy streets and a lively atmosphere.

Al Bateen Wharf has several specific parking options including paved areas between streets and basement facilities within structures. A sizeable lot, named Marsa Al Bateen Car Park, is also available and can hold approximately 280 cars.



Yum - Your Urban Market is not only a place to buy home utility goods, but also offers an assortment of food products such as frozen poultry, meat, fresh groceries and imported packaged goods. Additionally, it features a dedicated area for pork products and houses a Starbucks coffee bar. In close proximity to Yum - Your Urban Market are two more supermarkets in the Al Bateen Wharf vicinity that can be reached by foot. One is named Bateen Stars Supermarket and lies between Al Yasat Street and Al Quffal Street while the other one is situated at Marasi Marina.

The grocery store located in this region is known as Abu Rafana Grocery.

In addition to that, the region mainly comprises retail establishments that offer fishing gear. The locality's inventory of marine equipment providers comprises Marine World, Break Waves, Magellan Abu Dhabi and Ocean Marine.


There is a mosque in close proximity to Al Bateen Wharf, which can be reached by foot within seven to nine minutes. It is situated on King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St. and goes by the name of Mohammed Bin Abdullah Saleh Mosque. Another nearby mosque, Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Mosque, is located in Marasy Marina and can also be conveniently accessed on foot. In addition to these two mosques, there are several other congregational prayer areas that are just a short five-minute drive away such as Al Bateen Mosque, Salem Mazer Mosque, and Ahmed Mohammed Al Suwaidi Mosque.

The Sultan Bin Yousef Mosque and the well-known ADNOC Mosque.


expat-friendly church in the vicinity of Al Bateen Wharf is located in the community of Al Mushrif, just a short 15-minute drive away. St. Joseph's Cathedral is a reputable Catholic church that offers various prayer groups such as Bible Study, Couples of Christ, Legion of Mary, Konkani Prayer Group, and more. Numerous other churches catering to Christian expats can also be found in Abu Dhabi.

Al Mushrif hosts St. Andrew's Church, which serves as a place of worship for various religious ceremonies such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals.

Regarding nearby temples from Al Bateen Wharf, there is one in Mussafah called New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi that takes about 25 minutes to reach. For additional temple options, individuals must drive to Dubai which can take at least an hour and 30 minutes as there are numerous temples available there.


Within a 10-minute walk from Al Bateen Wharf exist three schools. These are situated opposite King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St and include:

Some of the nurseries in close proximity are:

Within a 10-minute walking radius, there are two preschool choices: Redwood Montessori Nursery and Teddy Bear American Nursery. Redwood implements the International Montessori System of Education in conjunction with a dual curriculum. One curriculum includes English and Arabic as second language subjects, while the other allows parents to opt for French as their child's second language along with English.

Al Ghazali School is a grade school that accommodates pupils aged 11 to 14. Aside from classrooms, it has various amenities like a spacious athletic field. Only one block away is the Lycée Français Théodore Monod, which offers education from pre-school up to secondary level. Adjacent to it is the Abu Dhabi Japanese School with its curriculum based on the Monbukagakusho system of Japan.


To obtain medications, patients have the choice of either Medicina Pharmacy, which is only a short distance away, or the nearby NMC Pharmacy. These medical facilities are available to provide treatment options for patients in need.

In the vicinity of Al Bateen Wharf, numerous clinics offer basic healthcare services. Lilac Medical Centre is located nearby, and Harley Street Dental Centre can be easily accessed from the main road. Another option for medical care on the same road is Novomed Clinic.

Located just a five-minute drive away is the Bella Medical Centre, which serves as a sizable medical facility. However, those in search of renowned hospitals near Al Bateen Wharf may need to venture further towards central areas. Notably, the King's College Hospital London Medical and Surgical Centre can be found in Shining Towers, while Sheikh Khalifa Medical City hospital is located on Al Karamah Street and NMC Specialty Hospital Abu Dhabi lies within Sama Tower.


Al Bateen Wharf is encompassed by various high-end facilities in Al Bateen, such as diplomatic agencies and governmental establishments. These consist of:

Al Khubeirah and Al Ras Al Akhdar, situated in the western extension of the Corniche Area, are highly regarded neighbourhoods that lie adjacent to each other. They are bordered by the Arabian Gulf on the west and boast several noteworthy landmarks including the UAE Presidential Palace, Qasr Al Watan Palace - a popular tourist destination, and some remarkable skyscrapers.




For those who love to shop, these malls located near Al Bateen Wharf are worth visiting

Located just five minutes away, the nearby Al Bateen Mall is a compact shopping destination with a supermarket. For a more comprehensive retail experience, residents can reach Nation Galleria in seven minutes by car. The Marina island's Marina Mall, which houses Abu Dhabi's biggest Carrefour store, is reachable within 10 minutes. Here are some examples of what this mall has to offer:

An entertainment hub within a building, Emirates Bowling Village boasts a complete bowling alley alongside other activities like billiards, table tennis and bubble football. At Marina Mall, Bounce provides thrilling adventures with its zip line, speed slide, super tramp, the wall, big bag, slam dunk and free jump arena. Additionally at Marina Mall is the Ferrari Store – one of two major retailers for branded Ferrari merchandise such as clothing and jewellery.

Items such as accessories, collectibles, toys geared towards children, and other similar products.


The dining options along the waterfront at Al Bateen Wharf are popular among both locals and tourists, creating a lively atmosphere. These restaurants are often packed with customers seeking a memorable dining experience. Some of the establishments contributing to this bustling scene include:

Most of the restaurants mentioned are upscale. The Abu Dhabi Edition Hotel's Oak Room is a fancy restaurant that specializes in steaks and unique cocktails. Waterlemon, however, offers a more relaxed dining experience with exceptional gourmet cuisine. Switch is a fusion restaurant with an ultramodern aesthetic characterized by soft curves and glowing lights where American-Italian dishes like popcorn shrimp, chicken sliders, camel Bolognese, and truffle Parmesan fries are popular choices. Marasy Restaurant and Ozo are also noteworthy restaurants on this list.

There are two restaurants available - the Burger Joint and Abu Tafish Seafood restaurant.

Situated within a kiosk, Paratha & More provides traditional breakfast options from countries such as Pakistan and India. For those seeking a comfortable environment to enjoy a breakfast consisting of omelettes, pancakes or French toast accompanied by coffee, The Coffee Club at the marina is an ideal choice.


Abu Dhabi residents and tourists alike enjoy fishing, also known as crabbing. The capital boasts numerous fishing spots like Al Aryam Island, Eastern Mangroves, and Al Bateen Beach. Located a short 10-minute drive down Khalifa Al Mubarak Street is easily accessible from Al Bateen Wharf. This southern coastline beach lacks public amenities but remains relatively crowd-free most of the time.

Therefore, it is a prime location to capture aquatic creatures.


The area is jam-packed with esteemed cultural attractions, some of which include:

The Zayed Heritage Centre, located near the marina, offers guided tours and is dedicated to honoring the late president Sheikh Zayed (Father of the Nation), providing a captivating insight into Abu Dhabi's history. Adjacent to this center lies the Mosque of Zayed Al Adal, which also serves as a tribute to Sheikh Zayed. Additionally, Abu Dhabi boasts numerous art galleries that draw in art enthusiasts from all around the city. The Etihad Modern Art Gallery can be reached easily while N2N Gallery is only seven minutes away by foot.

The Abu Dhabi Edition stands on the marina's outskirts and boasts an impressive exterior as well as opulent interiors. It comprises a total of 255 rooms, including 57 serviced apartments and 198 suites, plus high-end dining options, a chic lobby area, a luxury spa, and an artful lounge with kinetic installations. This five-star hotel is highly regarded for its exceptional offerings.


Individuals who enjoy being in nature will find the subsequent amenities appealing:

The waterfront boardwalk, adorned with trendy eateries and cafes, makes for a serene stroll along the marina. Sailing enthusiasts can opt to become members of Elite Captains' yacht club in Marsa Al Bateen. For families with children, Al Bateen Park is located close by and features a dedicated play area. Fitness lovers have two gyms at their disposal- Perfect View Gym and First Sports Club - both within walking distance taking just three minutes on foot.

There are several spas and salons located in close proximity.

In search of beauty services, women can head to Tara Rose Hair and Beauty Salon for a quick three-minute drive. Additionally, Nails the Modern Manicure Studio is also conveniently located at approximately the same distance and offers an array of services including waxing and threading in addition to their nail treatments.


It is probable that individuals residing in Al Bateen Wharf will have the opportunity to observe art and cultural events occurring at nearby museums and galleries. The Zayed Heritage Centre, for example, hosts a cultural celebration showcasing Emirati folk arts, customary traditions, interactive artisan workshops, and other activities.


As Al Bateen Wharf is a coastal region situated on the outskirts of the city, commuters frequently encounter issues when attempting to avoid heavy traffic on the primary road in or out of the area. Moreover, several administrative facilities located here cause additional congestion during rush hours. Despite these challenges, some people disregard the traffic problem as they consider Al Bateen Wharf to be one of the top residential locations available.