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an integral part of the Al Bateen development in Abu Dhabi, which also features luxurious villas and apartments located near the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This premier residential area is renowned for its fishing ports and stunning seaside views. Both upscale residential and commercial properties are available within this thriving community. According to the 2020 Rental Market Report prepared by Bayut and Dubizzle, Al Bateen Airport plays a significant role in this flourishing location.

Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi is a highly sought-after location for those looking to rent villas.

In the region, Bateen Airport stands out as a sub-community that predominantly showcases rental villas and apartments with practical interior and exterior layouts. Apart from airport amenities, inhabitants of this area can conveniently reach various recreational activities such as restaurants, international schools, supermarkets, and malls.




Famous landmarks that attract many visitors are:

Private pools are available in some of the properties. Furthermore, this neighborhood is situated beside Al Bateen Street which provides convenient connectivity to other areas of the city. Al Salam Street, a significant road extension encompassing several important regions and residential communities in Abu Dhabi, is also located nearby. The residents can reach the entire capital through Airport Street that lies in close vicinity.


Al Bateen Airport offers a diverse selection of rental properties, including villas with 3 to 6 bedrooms ranging from 1,500 sq. ft. to 5354 sq. ft., as well as apartments with 1 to 2 bedrooms ranging in size from 350 sq. ft. to 2,315 sq. ft. For those seeking smaller living spaces, there are studio apartments available that vary in size from 350 sq. ft up to 900 sq.ft .

Rental Trends in Al Bateen Airport

Individuals looking to lease apartments have the option of selecting from studios that measure 700 sq. ft. to three-bedroom flats that span over an area of 1,500 sq. ft. The rental rates for each type of unit are outlined underneath:

This particular neighborhood presents a range of villas with 3 to 5 bedrooms, which encompass a total area extending from 3,250 square feet up to 7,000 square feet. Furthermore, detached dwellings within this region are equipped with communal swimming pools. Those that possess supplementary features such as servant quarters, personal outdoor areas and landscaping command elevated rental fees.


Al Bateen Airport doesn't lack parking spaces. Furthermore, there are covered garages that accommodate one or two cars.

Public Transportation near Al Bateen Airport

Individuals who opt for alternate transportation methods in the vicinity of Bateen Airport can take pleasure in discovering that this particular sub-community is located only a brief distance from nearby bus and metro stations. One such example would be the Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station, which can be accessed by taking the fastest route via 9th St (Al Falah Street). If necessary, residents or visitors may also utilize ride-hailing services such as Careem and Uber to navigate through the city.



Al Bateen Airport has numerous supermarkets in its vicinity, including Bateen Stars Supermarket, Shaheen Supermarket, and Yum (Your Urban Market), all within a 7-minute drive. If you require more extensive shopping trips, SPAR Express can be reached by car in 11 minutes to the east. Additionally, Spinneys is only an 8-minute drive away via Al Bateen Street.


In the vicinity of Al Bateen Airport, there are multiple mosques. The closest one is the Muhammad Bin Awjah Mosque, which can be reached within 5 minutes by car. If you head towards the coast, you'll come across the Shiekh Khalifa Bin Zayed Mosque that's just a 4-minute drive away. Additionally, in this area lies the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.


To locate places of worship, one doesn't need to go too far as there are a couple of churches in the nearby Al Mushrif community. These include St. George's Orthodox Cathedral and Abu Dhabi Apostolic Tamil Church, both just a short drive away.

The Jagannath Temple, which is the closest Hindu temple, can be reached in 15 minutes by driving southwest via Al Khalij Al Arabi Street. As for Sikh residents in the area, they can visit the New Gurudwara in Mussafah which is a 23-minute drive away. To get there, just head northeast toward Al Bateen Street and continue along Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street until you reach it.


There are several nursery schools in the vicinity of Al Bateen Airport.

There are several elementary schools in the vicinity.

The sub-community is within a 5-minute drive from Al Bateen Academy, which is a primary school implementing the English National Curriculum for students in years 7 to 11. The academy also provides an acclaimed International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) for year 12 and 13 that has gained recognition by renowned universities worldwide.

Those who seek details about higher education institutions can refer to the European International College. This college is situated just 8 minutes away and provides courses in fields such as Hospitality Management, Masters of Business Administration (MBA), and other areas of study.

In a 16-minute journey northeast, the HCT Abu Dhabi Women's College can be reached. Similarly, the University of Strathclyde Business School is also situated at the same distance towards the northeast direction. Apart from business studies, this institution provides courses in Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences as well.


There are various medical institutions in close proximity, including:

There are several clinics near Bateen Airport, with Al Bateen Healthcare Centre being just 5 minutes away. Another option is Al Rowdah Healthcare Centre, which is located 8 minutes from this sub-community. Additionally, there are specialized clinics such as Samaya Eye Hospital (located only 5 minutes away) and Corpofino Dermatology Clinic (which can be reached in 11 minutes). The latter clinic provides various dermatological services including treatments for antiaging and pimple removal as well as laser hair removal.

In close proximity to the sub-community lies HealthPlus Pharmacy, while a short 4-minute drive away stands GDC Hospital that caters to check-ups, preventive care and immunizations. For an all-encompassing range of treatments and services including neurosurgery, emergency medicine, ophthalmology, psychiatry and pediatrics among others, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City is located at a distance of 9 minutes from Al Bateen Airport.


This neighborhood is in proximity to several comparable residential areas and nearby entertainment choices. Neighboring residential communities comprise of:

Al Mushrif is predominantly a residential area, providing both villas and apartments. It can be accessed by driving northeast for 9 minutes along Al Bateen Street. There are various entertainment options located in close proximity.

Sparky's, a popular amusement park, is situated 14 minutes northeast and boasts exciting rides for children. If you're looking to beat the heat during scorching summer months, visit Murjan Splash Park - an indoor water park that's accessible within a 20-minute drive and ideal for families with kids. For adventurous morning desert safaris, Sunrise Desert Safari can be found just a short 7-minute journey southwest of Sparky's. Aside from thrilling activities like dune bashing and camel rides, this location also provides convenient pick-up and drop-off services.




Within close proximity to Al Bateen Airport lies the Al Wahda Mall, which is only an 11-minute drive away. This mall boasts a variety of well-known stores that are frequently visited.

This mall provides a diverse selection of retail options, including Etude House for cosmetics, Reebok for footwear, Kiddy Zone for toys, Timberland for menswear and other choices. Moreover, there are various optical brands available such as Majestic Optics alongside a costume store.

International customers can make use of money exchange facilities at this mall, which also provides valet parking services along with overnight and women's parking options. To reach Al Khalidiyah Mall from Al Wahda Mall, head southeast. Some of the well-known stores you'll find here include:

Al Khalidiyah Mall, though smaller in size, provides a variety of retail choices such as Samsung for electronics, Nayomi for lingerie and Super Quality Pet Accessories for specialty items. The mall also has entertainment offerings like Orange Hub where children can enjoy mini-bowling, laser tag, racing simulator and arcade games.

Additional malls in the vicinity are easily accessible, such as Nation Galleria which is an 8-minute drive away. This high-end shopping destination showcases a variety of brands and retail choices. For those looking to venture further southwest, Futouh Al Khair Mall can be reached within 14 minutes by car. Positioned in the center of town, this mall boasts popular labels such as ALDO, Monsoon and Dune among others.

Additionally, within a 15-minute car ride lies Al Mariah Mall, known for its 9 screen Cineplex and assortment of shops including clothing, electronics, lifestyle goods, sports equipment and cosmetics. Additionally it hosts well-known dining establishments such as Gloria Jeans, McDonald’s and Popeyes.


Besides a couple of cafes that are only 5 minutes away, dining establishments and eateries in close proximity to Al Bateen Airport comprise:

There are further options available at Al Wahda Mall, such as:

In close proximity to the community, there are various dining options available. Seashell Café provides budget-friendly snacks for those looking for a laid-back atmosphere. Local cuisine can be found at Al Saj Café, which is only a short 7-minute drive away. If you're in search of a more sophisticated dining experience, Tasha's boutique-style eatery offers an extensive breakfast menu and South African-inspired dishes. For families seeking a casual spot to enjoy an evening out, Watermelon Restaurant and Café has something for everyone - from healthy food choices to fresh juices, distinctive cocktails, specialty coffees and beyond.

The nearby dining options cater to specific tastes. For instance, those craving Lebanese cuisine can visit Marasi Restaurant near Tasha's. Additionally, restaurants serving Asian dishes are located a short 10-minute drive away. These include Oasis Chinese Restaurant, Ocean Chinese Restaurant and Chowking Orient Restaurant.

Within a 12-minute ride from the community, there are several nightlife options such as Velocity Sports Bar and Lounge, M Club and Lounge, Chillax Café and Sky Lounge 31.


Al Bateen's location near the coast provides its residents with easy access to several beloved beaches, such as Corniche Beach, Al Bateen Beach, Wavebreaker Beach and Abu Dhabi Beach. While Corniche beach keeps families safe by employing lifeguards and limiting swimming areas, it also offers a variety of dining options and snack shops.

Wavebreaker Beach, located across Corniche Beach, boasts stunning views of the Abu Dhabi skyline. For those seeking water activities, Al Bateen Beach provides Jet Ski rentals and is suitable for swimming, kayaking, picnics and fishing. Another option is Abu Dhabi Beach situated to the southwest which offers free bathroom and shower amenities in addition to lifeguard services. These beaches are all accessible within a 12-minute drive from the community.


The MENA region's sole business airport is Al Bateen Executive Airport, which ranks among the UAE's most important airports. In 2013, it was recognized as the world's second best executive airport by European Business Aviation News. Additionally, there are other landmarks located near the area.

Qasr Al Watan, a renowned cultural attraction just 10 minutes away, pays homage to Arabian traditions. This educational center offers insights into the nation's historical legacy and governing principles for tourists to discover.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, situated close to Al Bateen Airport, is an impressive architectural feat that blends various cultural influences. It can be conveniently reached via a 7-minute car ride from Mohammad Bin Khalifa Street.

To unwind, visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi situated 23 minutes southeast. This destination is a sanctuary for those who appreciate art and showcases its own collection alongside borrowed pieces from renowned French museums such as Centre Pompidou and Musee du Louvre.


Al Bateen Airport doesn't offer any exercise options such as gyms, spas, pools or fitness facilities. Nevertheless, the surrounding community does have a variety of venues available for residents to keep healthy and fit.

Situated just a short distance from the sub-community, Al Bateen Park is a pristine outdoor space where you can unwind and relax in the evenings. If you venture a bit further, you'll come across Baynona Park - an expansive park with ample space for jogging, as well as a convenient playground in close proximity.

In the vicinity of Bateen Airport, there are several fitness centers available for use. The Lifeline Wellness Gym is located towards the southwest while the First Sport Club lies towards the east and requires a 6-minute drive. Furthermore, there exist different options for pampering oneself such as spas and salons that can be found in close proximity to Bateen Airport.

Just a short distance from here, Oriental Beauty Spa and Fitness houses a women's gym and pool along with various spa treatments like massages. Meanwhile, Bedashing Beauty Lounge is only 5 minutes away and provides an array of beauty services such as hair styling, manicures, waxing, and more.


No events take place at Al Bateen Executive Airport, but there is a Hooray for Holiday event set to happen on October 4th at the Emirates Palace that is close by.


This specific sub-community does not have any Facebook groups associated with it.


To navigate Al Bateen Abu Dhabi Airport, owning a mode of transportation is essential as the local bus stops are located several minutes away and there are no Metro stations in close proximity.