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Located near the gulf, Al Bateen is a highly sought-after neighborhood in Abu Dhabi. It features beautifully landscaped gardens and is only a short distance from several restaurants, bars, and hotels. The majority of residential properties are large villas, but many expats prefer rental apartments that boast stunning views of Al Bateen Beach. All in all, Al Bateen's reputation as a desirable location for luxurious apartment rentals in Abu Dhabi precedes itself.

Al Bateen is a neighborhood in the island city that showcases its strong maritime identity through its seafaring traditions. It houses the main fishing ports, as well as Al Bateen Palace, one of the residences of Abu Dhabi's ruler. Apart from various entertainment places like art galleries, beaches, restaurants and hotels, the community features Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), a renowned venue for corporate events and exhibitions. With all these attractions at hand, it often attracts visitors who are looking for some excitement.

Whether it's for professional purposes or personal enjoyment, people engage in activities.

As per the Abu Dhabi Year End Market Report 2020 by Bayut, Al Bateen is the favored location for rental of luxurious villas, with an average starting price of AED 200k.




Amid abundant vegetation and glimpses of the sea, Al Bateen showcases a range of contemporary properties. The area boasts several facilities and services, indicating its harmonious integration and enduring sustainability.

In Al Bateen, there are six distinct residential apartment projects including Al Marasy, Bloom Marina, Al Bateen Airport, Al Bateen Complex, Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street and Al Bateen Wharf. Families often prefer the villas in three main areas: namely, the Al Bateen Villas area along with those on Al Khaleej al Arabi Street and at the airport.


The community of Al Bateen offers a diverse selection of real estate options, including apartments, townhouses and villas. Taking a walk around the area will unveil an assortment of these properties scattered throughout.

Taking cue from the conventional design of Arab architecture, Al Bateen offers a variety of dwellings that include apartments with one, two or three bedrooms. These abodes provide ample room for living and dining purposes, feature an open kitchen and a capacious terrace. On the other hand, villas and townhouses are highly favored by families seeking more spacious accommodations. Such properties come equipped with dedicated parking porches as well as expansive outdoor areas.

Al Bateen Park is a recent addition to the local property market for those seeking rental or ownership opportunities. This gated community is highly regarded in Abu Dhabi and was established by Aldar Properties in 2012. It's worth noting that only UAE Nationals are eligible to acquire properties within this exclusive development.

Situated on Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street, this community spans an area of 100,000 sq. m. It comprises a range of residential properties and well-planned leisure spaces including shared swimming pools, versatile sports courts, playgrounds for kids and picturesque gardens.

and car parking facilities. Al Bateen Park offers a diverse range of residential properties, including 75 townhouses and villas, as well as around 300 flats with various layouts. The property types include 4-bed penthouses, along with 2,3 and 4-bed units. Additionally, there are three other housing options which consist of 4-bedroom attached villas, luxury villas (both with four bedrooms), and six-bedroom luxury villas complete with private pools. All of the villas come equipped with spacious indoor living areas and large outdoor spaces which feature private gardens and secure parking arrangements.

The house offers space for household staff, contemporary cooking areas, and lavish bathing facilities. The indoor decor boasts stylish modern elements, while the outside architecture showcases Arab-inspired influences.

tower buildings, offering stunning waterfront views and boasting luxurious amenities. TDIC's Al Bateen Wharf is a vibrant mixed-use development that sits on the bay between mainland Abu Dhabi and Al Marasy Island. Spanning over 54,000 square meters, this project comprises a range of amenities including a lavish five-star hotel and an impressive marina with a yacht club, community club, shopping outlets, boardwalks and various recreational areas. With its twin-tower structures spanning 15 floors each, the Al Bateen Wharf Hotel offers tasteful modern living quarters with breathtaking water vistas and upscale facilities.

The building contains roughly 200 furnished apartments, modern business amenities, a restaurant on the roof, a fitness center with spa services, and an event space.

Take a glance at the rental patterns for available properties in Al Bateen.

Rental Trends in Al Bateen

In Al Bateen, there is a selection of rental properties that includes apartments, villas, and townhomes. Despite being luxurious units, their prices are competitive within the real estate market. Additionally, you can find office spaces available for rent in sizes ranging from 1,000 sq. ft. to 8,500 sq. ft., with annual costs between AED 24k and AED 993k.

Regarding the available rentals in Al Bateen, there is a range of average prices for apartments.

Various types of residential units are available for rent, ranging from studios to flats with up to four bedrooms. These living spaces feature cutting-edge architectural design that underscores a lavish way of life. Studio apartments in the Al Bateen area can be rented for an average annual price of AED 36k, while one-bedroom options begin at AED 38k annually.

Al Bateen has a range of 2-bedroom apartments available for rent, with rental prices ranging from AED 85k to AED 140k annually. For those seeking larger residential properties, there are 3-bedroom flats that span over an area of approximately 2,000 square feet. These spacious units can be rented for values starting at AED 130k and going up to AED 230k per year. The maximum rental amount that you may have to pay for a four-bed apartment in Al Bateen is AED 300k. To explore the various options available, interested parties can check out apartments located in Al Bateen Wharf or Al Marasy.

Al Bateen is comprised of sub-communities such as Al Bateen Villas, Al Bateen Complex, and Khaleej Al Arabi Street. They offer rental villas ranging from 3 to 6 bedrooms; however, they are not available for freehold purchase by non-UAE Nationals. On the other hand, those seeking to rent a villa in Al Bateen can choose from a diverse selection of options.

Al Bateen houses offer a range of options with 3-bed villas typically costing between AED 100k to AED 140k and 4-bedroom villas ranging from AED 160k to AED 270k annually. The rental prices for bigger properties such as the spacious 5-bedroom villas, can be anywhere between AED145k and AED280K. More luxurious amenities come with higher-priced villa properties in Al Bateen which are often situated near the marina.

In Al Bateen Abu Dhabi, you can find not only 6 and 7-bedroom villas for rent, but also larger luxury units with 8 to 11 bedrooms. The starting rent for the 6-bedroom villas is AED 160k per year, while the average annual rent of the 7-bed units is AED 264k. Those looking for even more spacious accommodations can opt for these extravagant options.

Sales Trends in Al Bateen

Al Bateen's villas offer generous space indoors and outdoors, including a maid's room, built-in wardrobes, fully-equipped kitchens, private gardens, with some units boasting swimming pools. In addition to this luxurious lifestyle, these properties also feature driver's rooms and washrooms. Prices for Al Bateen's villas start at AED 4 million and go up to AED 20 million in the overall market. For investors seeking a lucrative rental yield of 4.9%, purchasing one of the available four-bedroom villas in Al Bateen is an excellent option worth considering.


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The top three areas in Al Bateen for purchasing and leasing properties are Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street, Al Bateen Airport, and Al Marasy. According to user-generated feedback on our website, the subsequent popular options are Bloom Marina and Al Bateen Villas.

Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street

Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street is a diverse complex that offers various types of properties, including apartments, villas and offices. The available villas are designed with 3 to 6 bedrooms in different configurations. Rental costs for the villas start from AED 110k per year while investors can purchase villas ranging from 4 to 9-bed units at prices approximately around AED 5.2M. Additionally, individuals interested in residing within this development have access to studios up to two-bedroom flats if they opt for an apartment living arrangement.

Al Bateen Airport

Al Bateen Airport is a well-liked option for obtaining apartments, ranging from studios to 2-bedroom units. Aside from apartments, the community also provides varied options of villas. Rental rates for flats typically vary between AED 35k and AED 45k annually, while villa rentals span from AED 250k to AED 450k.

The city's prominent fishing ports are located in Al Bateen Airport. The properties boast practical interior and exterior layouts. Furthermore, inhabitants can effortlessly reach supermarkets, shopping centers, eateries, international schools and various leisurely pursuits in addition to the airport amenities.

Al Marasy

Al Marasy secures the third spot on the list. Situated near the harbor, this housing initiative is divided into two regions that connect to Al Bateen's interior area. Occupying an immense 100,000 square meters of land, the brainchild behind this project was CBT Architects who created eight low-rise apartment buildings in its design.

Al Marasy offers a variety of residential options, including apartments and podium villas. The villas are available in 4-bedroom configurations with ample living space, a maid's room, covered parking, and a large terrace. Their annual rental price is estimated around AED 300k. Meanwhile, those interested in renting an apartment at Al Marasy can find rates ranging from AED 50k to AED 200k per year.

The complex sets a fresh benchmark for luxurious living by the waterfront, with sculpted gardens and fountains adorning its surroundings. In its initial phase, the infrastructure comprises roughly 350 housing units alongside a retail area that caters to daily necessities, an intimate hotel offering personalized services, a wellness center to promote health and relaxation, in addition to ample parking lots designated for close to 600 vehicles.

The Al Bateen Complex offers a combination of villas and residential apartments.

Al Bateen Villas

This section of the locality comprises predominantly of villas, as indicated by its name. The independent units available here usually come with 4 or 5 bedrooms and cover an area ranging from around 3,000 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft. Typical annual rentals for these properties start at AED 160k.

Bloom Marina

Bloom Marina, a luxury waterfront development by Bloom Properties, comprises of two edifices namely East Apartments and West Apartments. Nestled between the marina of the master development, this premium destination is located adjacent to Abu Dhabi EDITION Hotel - an opulent Marriott International brand.

Bloom Marina offers rental apartments of various sizes and types, with prices ranging from AED 70k to AED 140k per annum. The units range from one to four bedrooms and have a floor area of between 995 sq. ft. and 2,850 sq. ft. Most of the apartments feature modern interiors, lofty ceilings, and capacious terraces that overlook the marina.

Al Bateen Floor Plans

Explore the available floor plans for well-known communities and buildings in Al Bateen.

Hotels in Al Bateen

Al Bateen offers numerous hotels with a wide range of amenities for tourists to choose from when planning their next stay. These establishments offer a variety of features such as:

fitness center. Situated in the heart of Al Bateen Marina, The Edition is a recently established hotel that boasts 198 well-appointed suites and guestrooms, as well as 57 luxurious residences. These accommodations are divided into four types: Loft, Deluxe, Deluxe Twin, and Deluxe Marina. With three top-of-the-line restaurants designed by celebrity chef Tom Aikens, guests can indulge in a range of delectable dining options throughout their stay. Additionally, the hotel offers numerous amenities such as a rooftop bar for socializing under the stars; spa facilities to unwind and rejuvenate mind and body; plus fitness center access to keep active while away from home.

The Edition Abu Dhabi is a top luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi that offers guests a pool lounge for relaxation and a gym with yoga mats, free weights, exercise balls and premium cardio equipment from Life Fitness.

The InterContinental Abu Dhabi is a high-end establishment established by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Initially intended for hosting the first Gulf Cooperation Council Conference, it has since become a popular choice for influential figures such as world leaders, royal family members, and celebrities. The hotel boasts a variety of accommodation options including standard rooms, executive rooms, and suites. Additionally, there are 25 exceptional event spaces available to guests along with various dining choices and convenient services like concierge assistance and business facilities. You'll find this luxurious property situated at King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street.

The 50-story St. Regis Abu Dhabi tower boasts a grand total of 283 rooms with awe-inspiring views of the Abu Dhabi Corniche. Every room offers complimentary St. Regis Butler Service, while guests can take advantage of Remède Spa, an on-site library or one of eight state-of-the-art meeting rooms. Stay connected with internet access and make use of business center services, as well as both valet and on-site parking facilities – all included in your stay at this luxurious hotel.


Al Bateen in this bustling city is a convenient location due to its proximity to various commercial hubs, including retail stores, medical centers, and educational institutions. The area offers an abundance of parking spaces, with every residential block containing a central parking lot for residents. Additionally, apartments and villas feature individual parking spots specifically designated for their occupants.

Public Transportation in Al Bateen

In Al Bateen, there are no designated spots for buses to stop. However, one can easily reach the nearest bus stop in Al Karamah, which is just a 7-minute ride away. Taxis are available throughout the day and serve as another alternative mode of public transport in the area. Additionally, people visiting or living in Al Bateen can rely on online cab services including Uber and Careem.

The biggest provider of sightseeing tours in Abu Dhabi, known as The Big Bus Tours, has a stop located close to Al Bateen Wharf.


Supermarkets in Al Bateen

Al Bateen Park has several grocery options available within close proximity. Al Bateen Grocery is centrally located, while Bateen Stars Supermarket and a smaller Zoom outlet can be found near the Bateen Tower. Iris Market, a superstore, is situated at the intersection of Hazza Bin Zayed Street and Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street that's conveniently accessible by foot from places like Al Bateen Park Villas. In addition to these stores, Spinneys and Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society - Khalidiya Garden are other shopping options in this area.

Residents of Bloom Marina apartments or nearby can access Yum - Your Urban Market, an establishment belonging to the Souq Planet franchise. It offers a variety of products sourced from local and international markets, as well as a selection of pre-prepared meals in collaboration with featured restaurants like Sushi Central, Moni’s Healthy Choice, Olio’s and others.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Al Bateen

Muslims have several options for places of worship in Al Bateen. One such option is the Sheikh Sultan Mosque, located near Hazza Bin Zayed Street with a view of the bay. Other noteworthy mosques in the area include the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed First Mosque and Al Bateen Mosque on Bainuna Street, among others.

In Al Mushrif area of Abu Dhabi, there is a group of churches located just a brief drive away. These comprise the Abu Dhabi Apostolic Church, St. George's Orthodox Cathedral, New Vision Tamil Church, and St. Joseph's Cathedral.

Residents who follow Hinduism in Abu Dhabi will need to be patient while awaiting the construction of a temple. Currently, they must travel for an hour and a half to reach the closest Hindu temple situated in Al Raffa, Dubai. Sikh residents have it easier as the nearest Gurudwara - New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi - is located just 20 minutes away from their neighbourhood within Abu Dhabi itself.

Schools in Al Bateen

Aldar Academies' project, Al Bateen Academy, adopts the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and complements it with the English National Curriculum.

The community offers educational options for students of all ages, including a selection of nurseries such as British Orchard Nursery, Stepping Stone Nursery, Kipina Nursery, Baby Bird, and Teddy Bear American Nursery that cater to parents with young children.

There are several choices of primary schools available for children, such as the Al Ghazali School, American Community School of Abu Dhabi, Etihad School, Al Bateen Primary Model School and Rawdat Al Hadaya School.

The Emirates College of Technology, located in Al Bateen, provides higher education opportunities. Other educational institutes nearby are the European International College situated in Al Rawdah and the Al Hosn University located in Al Musalla. Aspiring aviation professionals can explore several aviation schools within Abu Dhabi to choose their preferred training course.

Clinics and Hospitals in Al Bateen

The Al Bateen area on Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street is home to several medical facilities. Among them are the Al Qadi Medical Centre and Gulf Diagnostic Centre Hospital, as well as the Medical Centre, Advanced Cure Diagnostic Centre, KKT Orthopaedic Spine Centre, Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Centre, and Al Hosn One Day Surgery Centre.


The highly anticipated Nareel Island is a luxurious waterfront development located just off the coast of Al Bateen. This archipelago offers only a limited number of premium residential plots for purchase, some with exclusive access to the beach. Developed by Aldar, it stands out as one of their top off-plan projects in the emirate.

Located north of Al Bateen, Al Karamah is a vital area in the city that houses important administrative offices and government facilities. Additionally, this neighborhood boasts various sports complexes such as the Abu Dhabi Sports Education Centre and Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Stadium.

Al Mushrif is a notable community located adjacent to the south-eastern border of Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi. It lies between two major streets, namely Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street and Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street. The area boasts of several landmarks such as the famed Mushrif Palace which serves as an esteemed venue for royal celebrations and official functions.

Al Mushrif Park, commonly known as the ‘people’s park’, is an established recreational spot in Abu Dhabi that offers a variety of attractions. Visitors can expect to find an animal barn with around 12 animals, an amphitheatre, a running trail, a botanical garden and a play area for kids.



Malls in Al Bateen

In the heart of 9th Street lies Al Bateen Mall, a shopping haven located near Sultan Bin Yousef mosque. This complex provides residents with everything they need in one convenient location - from fresh produce and sweets to household essentials, electronics and beauty products.

Another choice for a shopping excursion is the Nation Towers Mall, which is just a brief jaunt from Emirates Palace. The mall boasts an array of amusements and name-brand shops, as well as dining options.

Located just 10 minutes away, Khalidiyah Mall is another shopping center in the vicinity. Among its attractions are a cinema, bowling center, and indoor theme park that draw visitors. The mall's numerous retail and dining options also make it a popular destination for area residents.

Restaurants in Al Bateen

Al Bateen in Abu Dhabi is the ultimate residential destination for food enthusiasts. With a plethora of local and international dining options available, there is an eatery to satisfy every type of appetite. Rest assured that food lovers will always be satisfied here.

Al Bateen area boasts a wide range of dining options, ranging from high-end establishments to more casual restaurants. One such restaurant is Alba Terrace, which serves up enticing dishes inspired by the Mediterranean region and provides guests with a scenic view of the marina. Visitors can also choose from other eateries in the vicinity, including Waterlemon Restaurant and Café, Abu Tafish Seafood Restaurant, Ozo Restaurant, Tashas and Byblos Sur Mer - all offering their own unique experiences at this picturesque location.

The InterContinental Abu Dhabi Hotel features a distinguished eatery that serves high-end cuisine in an open-air environment. This Lebanese restaurant has earned recognition for its culinary excellence. Also located within the hotel is Chamas, which happens to be the first Brazilian churrascaria and bar in town.

Al Bateen boasts a variety of trendy coffee shops and cafes such as Belgian Café, Art House Café, Robusta Coffee, Casablanca Moroccan Bar and No. Fifty-Seven Boutique Café.


Located in the southern part of Abu Dhabi, Al Bateen Beach is a picturesque waterfront spot that offers breathtaking views of Hudayriat Island and the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf. With its lush palm trees and exotic surroundings, this scenic beach spans around 800 meters in length and features two distinct sections - one for all visitors and another limited to families only.


Al Bateen Palace, situated in close proximity to Al Nahyan Street and Khalifa Bin Shakhbout Street, is a distinguished establishment in the region where significant diplomatic and political affairs are held.

In Abu Dhabi's Al Bateen neighborhood, visitors can find some of the finest art galleries. A new addition to this thriving art scene is Etihad Antique Gallery, located on 4th Street just across from Al Bateen Mall. The gallery has two sections; one featuring contemporary artwork and the other showcasing approximately 1,500 antiques including paintings and statues by famous artists like Otto Pilny, Rudolph Ernst, Louis Hottot and Franz Bergman.

The locality is recognized for its various government establishments, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Union Supreme Court, Federal National Council, and a handful of countries' embassies.


Formerly called Khalidiyah Ladies Park, the urban parkland now known as Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Park is currently being renovated. Upon completion, this expansive park spanning 46,000 sq. m. will showcase a range of pavilions, various sports fields and an outdoor amphitheatre.

Al Bateen houses several top-notch fitness facilities in the area, including Perfect View Gym, First Sports Club, Oriental Beauty Spa Fitness, and Curves Abu Dhabi.

If you're in need of some pampering, Abu Dhabi has a great selection of top-notch beauty and spa locations to choose from. The Muse Boutique Spa, Ella Spa, Tips and Toes Spa, Tara Rose Hair Salon, Sisters Beauty Lounge, and Aldo Coppola Salon are just a handful of the excellent options available to residents or visitors looking for high-quality salon services.


In this area, there are numerous facilities for administration such as schools, hospitals and government centers. As a consequence, during peak hours of the day it is likely that both residents and visitors will encounter heavy traffic congestion on the roads.


How long does it take to reach Al Bateen from Dubai?

The journey from Dubai to Al Bateen lasts for 1 hour and 47 minutes, covering a total distance of 148.9 km along the E311 route.

What are the Al Bateen Beach timings?

The general public can access Al Bateen Beach from 8:00 am to sunset.