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Deira, an animated waterfront neighborhood in Dubai, is not only the oldest commercial area but also a hub for employment and sought-after property rentals. This community has undergone several developments including Old Dubai's Al Baraha residential project which provides reasonably-priced apartments and villas to accommodate professionals.

style="font-weight: 400;"> Street to 23rd Street). The community is conveniently connected to major roads via D 78 Al Baraha Street, while the northern and southern boundaries are formed by D 92 Al Khaleej Road and D 82 Al Rasheed Road. Even-numbered streets extend from east to west (2nd through to the 24th), while odd-numbered streets run from north to south (1st through to the 23rd).

The stretch of road from Street to 29th Street will be covered.



Al Baraha is situated in a bustling commercial area, with vibrant and illuminated streets. It links up to Abu Hail close to Fish Roundabout, where there is always a flurry of activity. This neighborhood boasts residential properties that are interspersed among shops, offices, malls, and leisure destinations - making it unnecessary for residents to venture out frequently. Consequently, they enjoy easy access to:

The neighborhood of Deira showcases the traditional Arabian culture through its historic monuments and architectural styles. In a similar vein, Al Baraha is a tight-knit residential area that remains connected to its roots, which are reflected in the constructions present there.


In Al Baraha, one can find a variety of properties such as apartment buildings and standalone houses. The rental options are plentiful with villas also occasionally available for purchase. Many prefer to rent apartments in this community due to its affordability and convenient transportation options.

Individuals searching for private villas to reside with their families can anticipate paying approximately AED 130k for a 3-bedroom or AED 190k for a 5-bedroom residence. These accommodations range in size from 2,000 sq. ft. to 4,200 sq. ft., and feature equipped kitchens, outdoor space, parking facilities, and roomy balconies.


The primary means of travel in Al Baraha are buses and taxis, with numerous bus stops located throughout the region. Furthermore, there is a nearby metro station in Muteena and Hor Al Anz that can be quickly reached by car. In addition, drivers can get to Sheikh Zayed Road via Abu Baker Al Siddique Road within 11 minutes.

In Al Baraha, parking is not a problem due to the efficient planning of the area. Those who reside there have a designated spot within the complex and those visiting can park in public areas. For additional options, individuals may choose to utilize paid parking on 17th street or free street parking on 16th street.



Jishar Supermarket and Almaya Supermarket are the preferred choices for grocery shopping in Al Baraha. Other supermarkets such as LuLu Centre, Happy Land Supermarket and Department Store, and Master Express Department Store can be found in nearby areas which can be accessed within 5 to 8 minutes.


In Al Baraha, there are various community mosques available for residents to attend, including Rahma Al Shamsi Mosque, Musalla Al Eid Open Mosque, Al Baraha Mosque and Latifa Mosque. Additionally, the well-known Omar Ali Bin Haider Mosque in Deira can be reached in just 8 minutes and is a popular destination during special occasions like Eid prayers where over 1,000 people gather from all around town.


In Al Baraha, Shiloh is a villa church that the Christian community can visit. Nearby, JA1 Church and Winners Chapel International Dubai are also available. For those searching for a Hindu temple near Al Baraha, Shrinath Ji Temple, Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir and Sindhi Gurdarbar on Al Fahidi Street can be accessed.


Numerous viable alternatives exist for children's education. Among them is Happy Kids Nursery located in the vicinity, while other nearby choices include:

There are three choices available in Abu Hail, all of which are located a few blocks away. In addition to the Primary Nursery, there is also a daycare center for young children. Al Baraha has additional educational institutions as well.

Located in Al Baraha, The Elite English School and Omar Bin Al Khattab Model School are both reachable within 10 minutes by car.


For quite some time now, healthcare facilities in Al Baraha have been catering to the needs of the local community. Some well-known choices comprise:

In the community, pharmacies like Al Shihhe Pharmacy, Sahar Pharmacy, and Life Pharmacy provide customary medications and medical equipment.


The individuals residing adjacent to Al Baraha are its direct neighbors.

Deira Corniche, which is both a hub for tourism and commerce, can be found north of the community while Al Muteena lies to its south. The sister neighborhood of Deira Clocktower, known as Al Muraqqabat, is located approximately 11 minutes south.




There is an abundance of shopping options in the vicinity of Al Baraha, ranging from traditional markets to modern malls that are frequented by numerous visitors daily.

Here are the top nearby choices that are favored:

The Al Ghurair Centre, which has been around for decades, is still a favourite among both families and young people. It underwent an expansion in 2013 that resulted in additional options for dining, shopping and entertainment as well as the addition of offices and suites for 5-star hotels.

Additionally, City Centre Deira is a highly favored destination for shopping and entertainment. Boasting over 1.2 million square feet of retail space, the mall features 370 different brand outlets including Paris Gallery, Debenhams, Virgin Megastore and Carrefour Hypermarket. Within the complex you will also find an impressive 11-screen VOX Cinema as well as VOX Café. For those who enjoy arcade games and theme rides there is Magic Planet, while others may prefer to spend time at Bowling City where they can participate in an eight-lane bowling arena or enjoy treats from the snack bar whilst singing karaoke or playing billiards and network games.

The locality boasts a plethora of well-known dining establishments. Al Ghurair Centre offers diverse culinary options from across the globe, such as American, Italian, Indian, Oriental, Eastern and European cuisines. Additionally, there are several other eateries in close proximity to Al Baraha.


Fili Café, Rehat Al Kahawa, Sultan Tea and Mister Baker are all pleasant locations for informal gatherings in the friendly neighborhood.

Living in Al Baraha, a waterfront community, provides easy access to the beautiful Corniche vistas. For those seeking an enjoyable picnic under the sun, families often visit the beloved Al Mamzar Beach Park located near Al Baraha. Not only does this beach offer various water sport activities, but it also boasts a range of refreshing beverages and cocktails as well as numerous tea and coffee stalls for visitors to enjoy.


The bustling residential area of Al Baraha is located in Dubai's most exciting commercial and recreational hub, surrounded by historical souks, museums and entertaining attractions. Notable landmarks nearby include:


For those in the mood for a cozy movie night, Aloft City Centre Deira is the perfect destination, boasting an incredible outdoor cinema experience beneath starry skies. And if you're looking for an adventurous excursion on sandy dunes, Hummer Desert Safari Site awaits just 4 minutes away from Al Baraha.

For those who enjoy art and history, a common pastime in the area is to visit various museums. Al Baraha has several museums nearby, including the renowned Bait Al Banat Women's Museum which exhibits artwork by female artists from all corners of the globe. Situated just a short drive away in Gold Souk, this museum draws many visitors daily and is considered one of Dubai's finest.

Lastly, guardians have the option to organize an excursion for children to Dubai Dolphinarium which is approximately a 15-minute journey. This location features entertaining exhibitions and spectacles in which dolphins and seals showcase their talents such as dancing, singing, painting, and executing acrobatic maneuvers. Additionally, one can actively partake in actual swimming sessions with the dolphins.

Several fitness centers in close proximity to the neighborhood can be easily accessed within a few minutes, including:


Furthermore, residing in Al Baraha may give the impression of being part of an ever-active community. For outdoor pastimes, numerous family-friendly parks are situated in close proximity such as Al Muteena Park, Abu Hail Park and Hor Al Anz Community Park. Individuals desiring some indulgent pampering can visit spas and salons including:

If you're seeking genuine revitalization for your body and spirit, be sure to make a stop at the renowned YHI Spa located within Melia Hotel. This distinguished spa has received numerous accolades for its exceptional services and is accessible seven days a week, just a 15-minute journey from here.

In this area of the Emirate, residents are always surrounded by exciting opportunities. Museums and heritage sites such as Al Ahmadiya School and Heritage House offer consistent exhibitions and events. Additionally, music lovers can enjoy nightly concerts at Boracay, Asiana Hotel. For those who crave outdoor fun, Mamzar Beach is known for hosting festivals throughout the year which feature stunning fireworks displays.


Living in Deira can be bustling with 24/7 activity on the streets, making it a potentially overwhelming experience for those seeking peace and quiet in a secluded area. On the other hand, Al Baraha is an ideal location for professionals, young adults, and frequent travelers due to its reasonable rental prices and proximity to both major business centers and recreational attractions.



With streets that never sleep and a neighbourhood that's always bustling, life in Deira might seem overwhelming to some. It is not for those who look for a cosy and silent environment in a tucked away locality. Similarly, Al Baraha is most suitable for professionals, youngsters and frequent travellers as the place offers affordable rentals and closeness to major commercial hubs and leisure destinations.