Al Bahia - Abu Dhabi

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The outskirts of Abu Dhabi house Al Bahia, a residential area also known as New Bahia or Lower Bahia. Its location is near Al Shahama, featuring mangrove plantations and roomy villas and apartments in a coastal strip. The community has easy access to the Abu Dhabi-Al Shahama Road, only 10 minutes away from the international airport.




The community of Al Bahia offers several benefits such as a delightful atmosphere, picturesque vistas, places of worship and an array of shops. The town features dwellings both in the form of villas and apartments situated along lengthy roads. The sandy areas and verdant pathways augment the town's charm.

Bahia Abu Dhabi is conveniently situated close to significant spots within the city, such as the stunning residential community of Al Raha. Additionally, it boasts a Carrefour outlet and several medical centers nearby.


Al Bahia offers a variety of residential properties including villas and apartments, which are mostly available for rent. The villas showcase traditional Emirati architecture with a front yard, dedicated garden area, and parking space. Meanwhile, the apartment units are spacious and equipped with modern amenities. They are newly built and characterized by white flooring as well as semi-furnished kitchens and large halls.

There are different kinds of apartments, including studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom units. Similarly, villas have a variety of configurations available from 2 to 6 bedrooms.

Rental Trends in Al Bahia

Commencing with the most petite option, Al Bahia offers studio apartments for lease that occupy an area of 550 sq. ft.. The approximate rental amount for these units is AED 25k per year. Conversely, 1-bedroom apartments are available at a yearly rental price of around AED 36k. These lodgings have a floor space extending over 850 sq. ft.

Similarly, rental apartments with two bedrooms in Al Bahia occupy approximately 1,850 square feet and can range from AED 45k to AED 50k. The difference in pricing is attributed to the size of the apartment and its level of furnishing. Opting for larger units such as three-bedroom apartments will cost you an average of around AED 66k. However, individuals interested in renting four-bedroom apartments should prepare themselves to spend a maximum of around AED 90k.

A variety of rental villas are available in Al Bahia with varying sizes, ranging from 1500 to 8500 sq. ft. The rent for a 2-bedroom villa begins at AED 45k per annum while that of a 3-bedroom villa starts at AED 75k annually. Similarly, renting a minimum of AED 100k each year is required for a spacious four-bed villa. On the other hand, larger residential units such as five and six-bedroom villas cost between AED 139k to AED170k when rented in Al Bahia.


There's no need for concerns about parking in Al Bahia since both villa and apartment owners have designated spots. Villas have outdoor spaces while apartments provide covered car parking within their buildings.

Public Transportation in Al Bahia

In Al Bahia, transportation options consist of Bus 225 which can be accessed from the bus station at Al Rahba Hospital. While taxis may not be readily available, it is more common for individuals to use their own private vehicles for getting around.



To purchase groceries, people tend to rely on the local shops and small stores within their community. For larger quantities of groceries, individuals residing in or near Al Bahia can opt for well-known supermarkets like Baniyas Green Grocery and SPAR Express. Another option is Carrefour Hypermarket located in Old Al Bahia, where one can find everything from household items to electronics and beauty products alongside grocery shopping.


In the community of Al Bahia, there are several mosques available for worship. One is situated just a 7-minute drive away and carries the name Al Bahia Mosque. Another option would be Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Mosque which can be reached within 13 minutes. ADNOC Mosque in Al Rahba is also worth considering as it's well-known among locals.

The vicinity of Al Bahia accommodates various places of worship such as the New Life Church situated nearby, approximately a 15-minute drive away. Upon completion, the first Hindu temple in the area will also be accessible within a 15-minute drive from Al Bahia. For now, residents can visit Hindu temples located in Bur Dubai.


Al Bahia has a variety of schools that follow various educational programs. The most sought-after institution is Aspen Heights British School, which adopts the British curriculum. On the other hand, Amity International School provides top-notch education while also offering numerous options for extracurricular activities.

There are several well-known schools in close proximity to Al Bahia, including Al Shahama School, Al Basma British School, and Al Reef Girls School for Basic Education. All of these establishments can be reached by car within roughly 15 minutes from the area. As for institutions of higher learning, Khawarizmi International College is a top-ranking university located near Deerfield Mall in Al Bahia. This college provides bachelor's and associate degrees in fields like Business Administration and Hotel Management.


Residents of Al Bahia are well-catered for in terms of healthcare, with a variety of clinics and hospitals available. For example, the respected Tabarak Medical Poly Clinic can be found in Shahama, while the SEHA Al Bahia Healthcare Center is another option that provides diagnostic and treatment services. If more serious medical attention is required, the highly regarded government hospital Al Rahba Hospital is just a short 10-minute drive from Al Bahia.

Additional healthcare facilities in Al Bahia comprise Boulevard Medical Center, Al Sabah Medical Clinic, and Tabarak Medical Poly Clinic. Emirates Zoo Park pet clinic provides services for those who have pets.


On the eastern side of Al Bahia, there are two flourishing residential areas - New Shahama and Al Reef. These neighborhoods provide a range of conveniences such as schools, medical clinics, mosques, and restaurants. Moving southward is Yas Island which is a renowned tourist destination known for its lively atmosphere fueled by its trendy restaurants, clubs, hotels and fun recreational activities. To the north-west lies Al Rahba which also offers an abundance of facilities including spacious apartments for rent.




Deerfields Mall, situated just 16 minutes away from Al Bahia, is the perfect hub for all your shopping and lifestyle needs. The mall boasts a plethora of retail and dining choices to cater to your preferences.

In close proximity to Al Bahia is the well-liked Green Mart situated in the old area of Al Shahama. Though it may not be as vast as typical malls, Green Mart boasts an array of distinctive items for sale. For those seeking a livelier shopping excursion, Yas Mall on Yas Island offers limitless options for shopping, dining and entertainment making it a top-tier mall in Abu Dhabi.


If you're a fan of eating out, Al Bahia offers a variety of dining options. Popular chain restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory, Texas Roadhouse and Shakespeare and Co. are just 15 minutes away by car. For those seeking fast food choices in Al Bahia, Hardee's, KFC and McDonald's are available.

There are a few food places in the area that offer both takeaway and dine-in services. These include Mini Shawarma, Aldar Restaurant, and Qasr Al Torath Restaurant. Additionally, there is a nearby restaurant called Al Shahama that provides various fast food options as well as breakfast choices.


Due to its proximity to the coastal regions of Abu Dhabi, there are opulent beaches located near Al Bahia. The most notable public beach in this area is Yas Beach, which boasts crystal-clear waters and pristine white sand. Visitors can also partake in various aquatic activities such as surfing, jet skiing, and paddleboarding while at Yas Beach.

Al Raha Beach, which is adjacent to Al Bahia Abu Dhabi, needs an admission fee as it belongs to the Al Raha Beach hotel. The Abu Dhabi Corniche's family-friendly area called Al Bahar is around 30 minutes away from Al Bahia and happens to be the most favored beach in Abu Dhabi.


and animal encounters during their stay at the resort. To make your family day out unforgettable, consider visiting Emirates Park Zoo, which houses over 1,400 animals and boasts an indoor marine zone with 26 saltwater tanks as well as various playgrounds and gaming zones. Additionally, families can enjoy a resort stay among wildlife in one of the 27 family chalets equipped with basic amenities. During their stay, guests can participate in activities such as pool slides, feeding sessions, and animal encounters to enhance their experience.

The zoo offers various entertaining activities, including engaging shows and attractions presented by skilled animal experts. In addition to these, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of waterfalls and other fun-filled experiences.

Though situated in a remote area, life at Al Bahia is far from mundane as the vibrant nightlife owes its excitement to its close proximity to Yas Island. A mere 18-minute drive from Al Bahia, Yas Island ensures that there is never a dull moment.


The beach is the go-to spot for most outdoor activities. However, there are multiple public pools scattered throughout the community that locals can utilize to take a refreshing dip after a tiring, hot day.

Abu Dhabi offers numerous gyms, including Body Land Fitness Gym and Ambiance Body Building, to help maintain physical well-being. Ladies seeking a relaxing experience can visit top nail salons like NStyle Beauty Lounge, Bedashing Beauty Lounge, and Baseline Beauty Salon located in Deerfields Mall. For gentlemen looking for personal care services, Super Oasis Gents Spa and Saloon is located in Old Shahama.


At present, Al Bahia's community does not have any scheduled events for its residents. However, there is an annual summer program for children at Bahia Park Library - a highly esteemed public library in Abu Dhabi. The program features various activities such as reading, language learning and art workshops.

To access a variety of events, individuals living in Al Bahia can head to Yas Island. This location serves as the central hub for all entertainment activities and offers an array of options including musical performances, theatrical shows, and many others. One notable event that takes place annually at Yas Marina Circuit is the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which draws in large crowds.


Al Bahia is a tranquil locality that is growing in demand and improving the facilities available to its inhabitants. Its closeness to numerous global schools, health clinics, renowned dining options, and supermarkets makes it an apt residential option. If you cherish a serene way of life and desire to reside near the ocean, Al Bahia would be perfect for you.