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part, making Al Badaa a sought-after locality. Located in the western part of Dubai, Al Badaa is a fascinating small neighborhood that primarily comprises residential areas. Its prime location close to Jumeirah and well-known landmarks like Etihad Museum and Jumeirah Mosque adds to its appeal. The community is perfect for families with easy access to nearby facilities such as schools, restaurants, and leisure places situated between Al Satwa and Jumeirah 1. Additionally, it is connected to the popular shopping avenue City Walk Dubai from the south end- which further enhances its popularity among residents.

Al Badaa is a popular location thanks to its accessibility to Sheikh Zayed Road and E11, which connects it to Downtown. In addition, the area boasts various apartments and villas, public transport options, Nesto Hypermarket, a health center, Al Wasl Park and more essential amenities. All of these elements make Al Badaa an attractive address for residents.




Al Badaa is a lively neighbourhood with convenient access to both 2nd December Street (previously known as Al Diyafah Street) and Al Hudaiba Street. These busy thoroughfares offer various establishments located in close proximity, such as local diners and cafes, international cuisine restaurants, shisha lounges, recreational zones and shopping malls. Additionally, residents can easily reach pristine beaches like Lamer, Mercato and public ones.

The sandy shore in Jumeirah.

In western Dubai lies Al Badaa, a residential area for expats seeking apartments, villas and townhouses for rent. While the residential buildings are low-rise, they offer a plethora of basic amenities. Conveniently located close to shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, healthcare centres and leisure facilities for residents to enjoy within walking distance or just a few minutes' drive away.


In Al Badaa, only rental options are available for properties including townhouses, villas, and flats. These rentals are reasonably priced in comparison to Jumeirah's properties with similar amenities and construction quality. The cost is therefore deemed reasonable.

available in different sizes, ranging from 1,900 to 7,000 square feet and some even larger units that span across 10,000 to 15,000 square feet. Additionally, there are a few townhomes available in the area that offer three bedrooms and approximately 2,000 square feet of living space. Private pools and gardens can be found in many of these homes while independent properties have dedicated porches for parking. Other notable features include separate dining rooms, laundry rooms, storage spaces and quarters for house help.

Duplex apartments featuring balconies that offer panoramic views of Jumeirah and the nearby beach.

If you plan to relocate to Al Badaa, you'll discover a wider selection of villas available. Additionally, there are numerous apartments in low and high-rise buildings, ranging from studio units to 3 bedroom hall kitchen units. The facilities offered in the apartment complexes are similar to those found in villa compounds such as generous living areas, balconies and a dedicated room for household staff.

Examining the rental patterns for residences situated in Al Badaa can assist you in making a more informed decision that aligns with your financial constraints and housing needs.

Rental Trends in Al Badaa

The cost of leasing apartments in Al Badaa relies on their site and the quantity of bedrooms they have. Generally, a 500 sq. ft. studio flat will cost between AED 35k to AED 45k, while renting a one-bedroom unit can range from AED 49k to AED 60k. If you're looking at two-bedroom apartments in Al Badaa, you can expect prices ranging from AED 60k to AED75K for units that offer floor spaces between 850 sq.ft. and1,400 sq.ft.

Similarly, a typical Al Badaa apartment with three bedrooms that covers an area of 1,400 to 1,800 square feet has an average rental fee of AED 110k. Although the rent is usually paid annually, certain real estate agents and property owners may propose a more accommodating payment scheme using post-dated cheques. It's advisable to inspect your lease agreement before committing.

The cost of renting a villa in Al Badaa varies according to the number of bedrooms. A 3-bedroom villa typically costs between AED 115k and AED 140k per year, while a 4-bedroom villa can range from AED 155k to AED 170k. If you require even more living space, there are also options for renting a 5-bed villa in Al Badaa at an average rate of around AED 208k annually.

Popular Communities in Al Badaa

In Al Badaa, there are numerous sub-communities to consider when looking for a property. It is essential to examine the well-known neighborhoods before making any rental or purchase decisions in Al Badaa.

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Al Badaa's most sought-after neighborhood is the Al Wasl Villas community, which boasts modern and well-equipped 3 and 4-bedroom rental villas. The rental cost for a 3-bedroom villa in Al Wasl ranges from AED 130k to AED 140k per year, while renters can expect to pay an average of AED 210k annually for a spacious 5-bedroom villa. According to user-generated views on our website, Al Diyaffah and Dune Centre are also highly popular areas in the region.

Hotels in Al Badaa

Visitors to Al Badaa have the option of selecting from a range of hotels for their stay.

The Jumeira Rotana is a high-quality hotel in Jumeirah that boasts 125 fully furnished suites spread across five floors. Within the hotel, guests have access to two restaurants - The Boston Bar and Olive Oil - as well as a fitness club and rooftop swimming pool. For those seeking extended accommodations, Empire Hotel Apartments in Al Badaa may be worth considering.


The housing units have allocated parking. Villas offer sheltered parking for a maximum of two cars, and apartments come with designated parking for one vehicle. Street parking is also available for visitors to use without difficulty.

Public Transportation in Al Badaa

Al Badaa is a conveniently linked district for individuals who rely on public transportation. It ranks among Dubai's most accessible areas, particularly suited to those without personal vehicles. Numerous bus stops are located at regular intervals, including Satwa Station which connects Al Badaa with other parts of the city and the Dubai Metro system. Emirates Tower metro station along Sheikh Zayed Road is the closest option and can be reached in just 6 minutes by car.


Located between Jumeirah 1, Al Wasl and Al Satwa, this community is in proximity to some of the most popular destinations in Dubai. It encompasses the spirit of all its neighbouring communities, resulting in a vibrant lifestyle. In addition, various supermarkets, schools and clinics are located within close proximity for easy access.


Along Al Badaa, residents have access to numerous supermarkets that can cater to their grocery needs. The options available range from large renowned supermarkets in Dubai to smaller local marts. Among these options are Nesto Hypermarket located on 8 A Street and Carrefour situated within Al Ghazal Mall. Union Coop Hypermarket is also another option with a diverse selection of grocery items and other essential commodities.

In the nearby Jumeirah 1 community, there is LuLu Express and Spring Supermarket can be reached within just 4 minutes. If you're willing to drive a little further, you'll find a large branch of Spinneys in Jumeirah which will only take about 6 minutes to get to. Additionally, SM Quezon Supermarket is also close by with many other convenient options such as marts, grocery vendors and convenience stores available in the area.


In the Al Badaa area, there are numerous churches to be found. Within a 10-13 minute drive, one can easily reach Emirates Baptist Church and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Additionally, the well-regarded Dubai City Church is located only 15 minutes away from this district.

In the vicinity of Al Badaa, Hindu inhabitants have a variety of temples available to them. The Bur Dubai region is home to numerous options, such as the 17-minute drive away Shiva Temple and Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir. Additionally, Sikh Gurdwara can also be found in this area and several other temples that are accessible by car.

Additionally, Al Badaa features multiple mosques catering to its Muslim population. The community also enjoys proximity to Jumeirah Mosque, one of Dubai's most stunning religious sites located just five minutes away from the area. With a capacity for up to 1,300 worshippers at once, this cultural landmark is among the select few granting non-Muslim tourists access to mosque tours in the UAE. Other nearby options include Masjid Qurtobah, Ramadan Juma Mosque, Khadri Mosque and Al-Imam Al Shafaee Mosque.

The mosque known as Ayesha.


When families are searching for a new place to live, schools are typically one of the most important amenities they consider. Luckily, Al Badaa provides an abundance of educational options within close proximity. For young children specifically, there are several establishments available such as Salma Al Ansari Elementary School, Kids Campus Nursery, Safari Kids Nursery, British Berries Nursery and Safa Early Learning Centre.

Several schools close to Al Badaa are situated in Jumeirah 1. The Jumeirah Baccalaureate School is a well-liked option that provides the International Baccalaureate curriculum. Another school in the vicinity is Al Shurooq Private School, which adheres to the Ministry of Education's curriculum. Additionally, there is a GEMS British curriculum school located behind the Shangri La Hotel nearby. GEMS Wellington Primary School accommodates students from FS1 to Grade 6 and has been rated "very good" by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Discover various universities located in Knowledge Park which is just a 20-minute drive away. These institutes include the University of Manchester Dubai, Middlesex University Dubai, and the University of Wollongong Dubai.


Al Badaa has several healthcare facilities available to cater to the needs of its residents. Among these are Herche Medical Centre, Arya Clinic, and the Community Health Centre. Another option is Belhoul European Hospital which can be found towards the north on Al Diyafah Street (D73). Emirates Hospital and Neuro Spinal Hospital are also nearby alternatives located just 9 minutes away.


Al Badaa Dubai is commonly regarded as a sub-division of Al Wasl due to their close proximity. This petite locality in Dubai is encompassed by crucial residential and commercial districts. Jumeirah 1 lies to the east of Al Badaa, whereas the community of Al Satwa can be found towards its west. In addition, Al Hudaiba is situated towards the north with Al Jaffiliya positioned further northeast.

Dubai's prime locations for commerce, such as DIFC and Business Bay, are conveniently located just minutes away from the property. The iconic Burj Khalifa is also a short 10-minute drive from Downtown. On Al Badaa's waterfront lies Pearl Jumeirah, accessible in under 8 minutes by car via Al Wasl Road D92 covering a distance of 4.3 km.



For those seeking to dwell in a lively area, Al Badaa is a clear option. It presents a tranquil residential environment that's close to numerous shopping malls, restaurants, pubs and recreational facilities.


In Al Badaa, there are plenty of options for shopping that you won't tire of. Whether it's the well-known Dubai Mall or the Mercato Shopping Mall by the beach, there are many choices available to satisfy your next retail therapy craving.

Al Ghazal Mall

Al Ghazal Mall, located at the intersection of Al Satwa and Al Badaa, features 72 stores that include a beauty salon as well as a sizeable Carrefour Hypermarket. In addition to popular retailers like Claire's, Splash and Hub, visitors can also find numerous other high-street brands along with various dining options and personal care services such as spas and salons. Additionally to Carrefour, Choithrams has its own outlet within the mall.

Al Badaa benefits from its strategic location, in close proximity to a plethora of renowned shopping centers across Dubai. For instance, Jumeirah's community malls are within easy reach by car, including Jumeirah Plaza, Palm Strip Mall and Town Centre Jumeirah. The Mercato Shopping Mall is also conveniently located only six minutes away with its exquisite European Renaissance-inspired design. Meanwhile, the iconic Dubai Mall takes about 10 minutes to get there but it boasts an exceptional assortment of luxury stores, dining options and entertainment facilities.

Additionally, in the vicinity of Al Badaa are Meraas Group's urban outdoor malls - City Walk and BoxPark. These establishments provide a variety of concept restaurants, outdoor recreational areas, and a few retail shops for visitors to enjoy.


Al Badaa is home to a wide range of restaurants situated on Al Diyafah Street, which acts as a divider between Al Badaa and Al Satwa. Among the numerous dining options available in the area are Nayaab Handi, Sidra Restaurant and Cafe, and Noodle Bowl. Nayaab Handi is known for serving authentic Pakistani food that goes beyond just handi dishes, with particular favorites being their Biryani platter, Palak Paneer and Malai Boti.

The vicinity also houses the Jumeira Rotana Hotel, which boasts a selection of licensed upscale eateries and bars. For instance, there is the worldwide dining restaurant named Olive Oil and The Boston Bar. Numerous other high-end dining establishments can be found in various hotels situated in Jumeirah.


Living in Al Badaa has its advantages, one of which is having convenient access to several public beaches located on the northern side. Amongst these, Jumeirah Beach can be reached after a 10-minute drive, while La Mer Beach only takes 8 minutes to get to. La Mer Beach offers various attractions such as play areas, water rides, food stalls and shops that draw visitors from nearby places.


Al Badaa is conveniently located amidst well-known areas in the emirate, including key landmarks like Etihad Museum to the north and City Walk to the south. Additionally, there are numerous tourist attractions close to Al Badaa such as Dubai Canal which is only a short 13-minute distance away. Here you will discover an array of restaurants and dining options. Another exciting destination nearby is Coca-Cola Arena situated in City Walk where various entertainment events will take place including concerts, comedy shows and more.

In addition, the vicinity boasts numerous well-known shopping centers, not to mention the diverse array of stores and retail establishments located at La Mer. Speaking of which reminds us of the countless options for children's entertainment available at La Mer Dubai. This tourist destination brimming with enjoyable pursuits is a top choice for families seeking a weekend getaway suitable for both kids and grown-ups alike.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, there is an option to explore Dubai Garden Glow which can be reached in just 12 minutes by car from Al Bada’a. It is renowned as one of the leading locations suited for families in the city. Some noteworthy highlights include Happiness Forest, Ice Park, Dinosaur Park and Happiness Street.

Moreover, a handful of upscale hotels and resorts are situated nearby. Al Badaa provides convenient access to several luxurious options including the Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, Regent Beach Resort, Four Seasons Resort, Nikki Beach Resort and Spa, as well as the Shangri-la Hotel Dubai.


Al Badaa was constructed with a focus on accommodating families. Within this compact district, there are two popular family parks: Al Badaa Park and Al Wasl Park. Another nearby option is Al Satwa Park. These parks feature dedicated walkways, shaded areas, and play areas specially designed for children.

In addition to leisure destinations, the vicinity offers several fitness centers. The nearest one is Star Gym, conveniently located between Al Satwa and Al Badaa communities. Moreover, Fit Inc, Crowne Fitness Studio, My30 Minutes Gym and Engine Health and Fitness are just a quick car ride away.

Within the residential community, there are four salons available. Splendid Ladies Beauty Salon and Spa, Caryusa Ladies Salon, My Dream Ladies Beauty Salon and Spa cater to female clients exclusively whereas Huracan Men Care is solely for male customers. Additionally, the neighboring areas of Al Satwa and Jumeirah 1 have numerous other salons and spas. Moreover, Jumeirah 1 boasts multiple aesthetic clinics that offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments suitable for both men and women.


show. Al Badaa may be a small area, but it is in close proximity to some of the most popular tourist attractions and event venues in Dubai. Kite Beach, situated less than 20 minutes away, has hosted well-known events like The Big City Swim. Jumeirah Beach also frequently hosts various events throughout the year and is conveniently located near Al Badaa. Additionally, Mercato Shopping Mall nearby often features ongoing events throughout the year. For those who enjoy celebrating New Year's Eve, they can head over to Dubai Fountain to witness its world-famous light show.

Additionally, there is also a water display featuring synchronized jets and lights.

Social Community Groups

Individuals seeking to establish a connection with other members of their community can become part of Al Bad’aa Community, a Facebook group.


The residential area of Al Badaa provides access to numerous amenities and is conveniently situated near various recreational and business centers. It also benefits from good connectivity via public transport and Dubai's roads. However, it should be noted that if expats are interested in buying property or investing in real estate, they will need to explore freehold areas elsewhere in Dubai as Al Badaa does not offer this option.