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Al Aman is situated in the western part of Zone 1 in Abu Dhabi, beginning at the roundabout below Carrefour Bridge and extending to Al Dhafra Street. This area has seen numerous new developments like Al Bustan Complex and Danet Abu Dhabi, with several more currently in progress. Although there are many commercial locations present here, such as government and corporate offices, residential areas are less dense.

Situated at this location.

Located in the suburb of Al Sa'adah, Al Aman is flanked by Al Rawdah to the south and Al Zafranah to the west. This neighborhood enjoys close proximity to notable areas like Embassies District, Capital Centre, Al Mushrif, and Zayed Sports City.




The Al Aman community encompasses diverse commercial areas and a restricted range of residential options. The former includes numerous government structures such as the Department of Health, Abu Dhabi Police Departments Complex, Police Courts, and Abu Dhabi Housing Authority. Additionally, the community boasts commercial facilities such as schools, hospitals, and restaurants.

Al Aman provides various banking options such as Dubai Islamic Bank, Union National Bank, and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) with ATM facilities available in select locations. Additionally, petrol stations are conveniently located throughout the area for car owners commuting to and from Al Aman who need to refuel their vehicles.

Moreover, the vicinity houses a variety of businesses such as a photography studio, car rental agencies, tailoring shops and automobile spare parts outlets.


The primary type of residential property available for rent in Al Aman are apartments, which typically come fully furnished and can range from studios to 1-3 bedroom flats.

Nestled in Al Aman, the Al Bustan Complex is a diverse living and working destination situated betwixt Rabdan Street and Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street. This multi-purpose development encompasses an array of residential options such as hotel apartments, furnished units, and unfurnished flats for rent or purchase alongside office spaces and commercial establishments. Residents can also enjoy top-notch accommodations at either the four-star Novotel Hotel or Aparthotel Adagio Abu Dhabi within the complex.

Al Aman apartments offer a diverse selection of facilities, including a fully equipped gym, sauna room, stunning swimming pool with scenic views, mosque, garden and children's play area. The units themselves include master bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, maid's quarters and storage spaces in addition to laundry rooms and fully equipped kitchens. Each apartment also boasts free Wi-Fi access as well as a large flat-screen TV and a roomy balcony.

Al Aman offers townhouses for rent with 2-3 bedrooms that come equipped with ceramic tiles, master bedrooms, built-in wardrobes, open kitchens and living rooms. The property provides various amenities including 24-hour maintenance and security, as well as banking services, convenience stores, restaurants and underground parking. Renting these units costs AED 130k per year.

Danet Abu Dhabi, a new development by Al Qudra Real Estate, showcases an array of buildings that are tailored to both commercial and residential needs. It boasts several luxury hotels like the towering 35-floor Blumont Capital Hotel and the Holiday Inn. Among its selection of mixed-use and residential high-rises are noteworthy names such as The View Tower, Al Murjan Tower, Al Yaqut Tower, Danat Tower A, and Danet Tower B.


Al Aman has 1-bedroom flats for rent at a cost of AED 70k annually. The pricier flats are fully furnished and come with upscale facilities. If you're interested in a 2-bed flat, the yearly rental fee is AED 90k; for a larger, 3-bed flat, the rent amounts to AED 130k per year.


In Al Aman, visitors looking for the finest accommodations can discover a selection of top-tier hotels that cater to both leisure and work-related purposes. Such establishments are:

Blumont Capital Hotel is an impressive 35-story building located in Danet Abu Dhabi. The hotel offers a variety of options for guests, ranging from studio apartments to spacious 1, 2 and 3-bedroom serviced apartments. Each guest room is tastefully furnished with high-quality furniture. The hotel features top-notch amenities such as reliable building security, speedy lifts, an outdoor pool for adults and children alike, as well as a sauna, Jacuzzi and a gym fully equipped with the latest equipment. Additionally, room service is available for all guests.

Residents can take advantage of a valet service and dedicated parking options that are available.

Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi, situated on 31st Street between Muroor Road, is a top-rated hotel offering various types of accommodations for its guests. The selections range from cozy guest rooms equipped with a sizable 43-inch flat-screen TV, free internet access and in-room refreshments including coffee and tea along with an indulgent minibar; to elegant suites that feature both separate living space and dining areas as well as beautifully appointed bedrooms. All bathrooms come furnished with modern amenities which include walk-in showers. Visitors looking to relax can enjoy two large 50-inch televisions available throughout the property.

The Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi offers various amenities for guests' comfort, including free internet and tea/coffee facilities. The hotel features 5 restaurants on-site, as well as a cocktail lounge for dining options. Additionally, the hotel has three meeting rooms that can hold up to 20 people and offer wireless internet and projectors. This makes the hotel an excellent location for hosting events or meetings of any kind.

Notable accommodation options worth considering include Novotel Abu Dhabi Al Bustan and Aparthotel Adagio Abu Dhabi Al Bustan.


Al Aman has ample parking options. The majority of commercial areas in the vicinity have spacious parking lots catering to residents, visitors and workers. Additionally, street parking is also available along the roadsides of Al Aman.


The paths of the X4 and X5 Express Buses are located on Muroor Road close to Al Aman. Numerous hotels in the vicinity make it simple to locate taxis.



The western area of Al Aman Abu Dhabi is home to several supermarkets, such as Rich & Fresh Supermarket and Carrefour Market. Muroor Road is their common location. Additionally, the Al Bustan Complex houses a branch of Zoom Market.


The churches of Abu Dhabi, namely St. Joseph Cathedral and St. George's Orthodox Cathedral, can be found in Al Mushrif. These places of worship are easily accessible for residents of Al Aman who can reach them within ten minutes by taking Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street (18th Street).

In Al Aman, on Muroor Road, stands a mosque that goes by the name of Thabit Ben Aqra Mosque.

Currently, there is no Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi and as a result, Hindu residents will need to journey to Dubai. However, the good news is that construction of an upcoming Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi is underway. The BAPS Hindu Mandir reflects the multi-cultural diversity of the UAE and it's being built by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. This forthcoming temple will be situated in the Abu Mureikha vicinity on Al Taf Road (E16).


Al Aman has renowned educational institutions, including the American International School Abu Dhabi (AISA) located near Rabdan Street. The campus accommodates students from kindergarten to Grade 12 and is highly regarded in the city with access to both IB Primary Years Program (PYP) and IB Diploma Program (DP). Additionally, a football field forms part of its campus facilities.

Located on Rabdan Street is the Lycée Louis Massignon, an esteemed educational institution in Abu Dhabi which adheres to the French curriculum.

Located in proximity to Dhafeer Street is the Rabdan Academy, which specializes in furnishing individuals with expert education on crises management, security and defence.

Khalifa University's SAN Campus, located in the Al Maqtaa district, is the nearest higher education institution to the community of Al Aman within Abu Dhabi. It takes only 12 minutes to reach from there.


In Al Aman, there are numerous clinics and hospitals available along with various medical stores such as Al Bisharah Pharmacy and Olive Pharmacy.

The community has several health centres like CareWell Clinic and Police Clinic. There is also Oxford Medical Centre situated on Muroor Road behind Lulu Express, which takes only five minutes to reach. Another nearby option is Wellness One Day Surgery Centre in Al Zafranah.

In close proximity to Al Aman, there are two hospitals that offer extensive healthcare services. Zayed Military Hospital caters specifically to the families of UAE armed forces and can be found in the southern part of Al Aman's Embassies District. On the other hand, Mediclinic Hospital is situated in Zayed Sports City, both options being less than 10 minutes away from the area.


Located to the north of Al Aman, lies the tranquil residential district of Al Muroor. It is widely known for being one of the most peaceful neighborhoods within the bustling city and therefore, highly coveted by those seeking rental properties such as villas and apartments in Abu Dhabi.

A brief drive towards the south will provide access to Capital Centre, which hosts the largest exhibition venue in the nation called Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC). Furthermore, Al Aman is flanked by Embassies District to its southern side and Zone 1 to its northern flank.




Al Aman is currently in the process of constructing Danet Mall, which will serve as a comprehensive shopping destination for locals. This mall will offer an array of high-end brands and luxury dining options. In the meantime, individuals may visit Mushrif Mall Abu Dhabi, located just a brief 5-minute drive away on Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street at the border of Al Aman.


Al Aman offers a diverse range of dining options, providing residents with the opportunity to indulge in various cuisines. For those seeking oriental flavors, Samurai Japanese Restaurant presents an array of dishes including sushi, noodles and bento boxes cooked using traditional recipes. Let’s Wok is another eatery that brings East-Asian cuisine to Al Aman's residents with its delectable selection of pad thai, gyoza dumplings as well as mouth-watering stir-fries and curries.

SushiSan, located within Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi, is a top-notch oriental eatery. For an authentic Chinese dining experience and ambience, Oasis Gardens Restaurant is the perfect destination with its purely Chinese menu and genuine flavors.

If you're in the mood for Arabic cuisine, there are various eateries to choose from. For instance, Guardian Tower's Mosaic Restaurant or Al Nasr Tower 2's Yadoo's House Restaurant & Café. Additionally, Nada Al Yasmin, Taza Plus Mandi and Zattara are worth considering.

Al Aman has a variety of burger joints, such as Stock Burger Co., Four Buns Burgers, and Slider Bar Burgers. For those seeking a more recognizable choice, McDonald's is available with two locations in Al Aman - one situated on Muroor Road's north side and the other on Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street's south side.

Al Aman offers a range of casual dining options, such as Hubbly Bubbly, Starbucks, Solitaire Coffee Shop, Café Macchiato, La Crème Brulee Maison, Caffe di Roma and Shakespeare and Co.


Al Qurm Beach, located near Al Aman, can be easily reached in just 5 minutes by car via the southbound Al Mawgab Street that stems from Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street. This serene coastal spot is perfect for those seeking a less bustling beach experience. The inland beach is frequently visited by individuals who engage in tranquil fishing expeditions or host barbeque gatherings.


Abu Dhabi offers numerous sightseeing spots for enthusiasts. For instance, Qasr Al Hosn situated near the Corniche area is ideal for those seeking a historical and cultural experience. To gain insights into Abu Dhabi's heritage, one can partake in the annual Qasr Al Hosn festival.

Located to the west of Al Aman Abu Dhabi, about a 9-minute drive away, is the awe-inspiring Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This remarkable structure showcases impressive architectural elements such as 82 domes and designs influenced by Ottoman, Mamluk, and Fatimid styles. Unsurprisingly, it ranks among the most popular tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi.


Al Aman, located near Rabdan Street, provides a great option for family picnics with a local park available. Additionally, Public Park is situated in the western corner of the neighborhood and borders Muroor Road. The extensive green space offers play areas for children as well as walkways and shaded spots to relax in.

A ballet training center for children is available in the neighborhood located at Al Nasr Tower 2. Meanwhile, grown-ups can opt to visit the Let's Go Gym Fitness and Spa Centre situated at Guardian Tower.

Al Aman Abu Dhabi has a variety of beauty centres available for women, including Aurora Ladies Salon, Mona Moon Beauty Salon, and Meera Beauty Centre. For men seeking grooming services like facials, haircuts, massages and spa treatments in the area can visit Moroccan Bath for Men's Mylife Spa. MegaSun Lounge situated in Al Murjan Tower is also an option in Al Aman for customers looking to avail themselves of tanning services.


Al Aman Abu Dhabi lacks a location for community events; however, establishments like American International School Abu Dhabi (AISA) organize different seasonal after-school celebrations annually for their pupils.


The community is a blend of different uses, including residential spaces that attract business travellers, professionals, and small families. However, larger families may find limited options since the area is primarily made up of apartment buildings.

A significant amount of building activity is taking place in Al Aman, which could prove to be disadvantageous for those who desire a tranquil living environment.



Al Aman is located in Abu Dhabi's Zone 1, specifically in the lower area.


The lodging options in the vicinity consist of Aparthotel Adagio Abu Dhabi Al Bustan, Novotel Abu Dhabi Al Bustan, Blumont Capital Tower, and Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi.