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About Address Villas Hillcrest

Located in the immaculate multi-functional complex, Dubai Hills Estate, Address Villas Hillcrest Dubai is a sub-district that belongs to the upscale hotel chain Address Hotels + Resorts. The development features luxurious 5-bedroom villas with two distinctive architectural styles - Classic and Modern.

The charming area is flourishing with verdant gardens, aquatic attractions and breathtaking vistas of Dubai's skyline featuring the world-famous Burj Khalifa. Additionally, within a stone's throw away are Dubai Hills Park and Dubai Hills Mall which provide plentiful options for leisure and shopping.

Address Villas Hillcrest at Dubai Hills, developed by Emaar Properties, is set to be completed in June 2026. This sought-after community boasts direct links to major UAE highways such as Umm Suqeim Street (D63) and Al Khail Road (E44), making it a highly desirable neighborhood within the city.




The Address Villas Hillcrest Dubai is part of an urban village that promotes a comfortable and balanced lifestyle. It is located near other residential sub-communities, both linear and vertical, as well as various leisure and retail facilities.

The well-crafted homes are situated in close proximity to Dubai Hills Park, which offers jogging paths and various recreational facilities including a playground for children, an exercise area outside, sports amenities and a designated space for dogs. Additionally, there is another communal commercial establishment called Dubai Hills Mall located nearby that comprises of over 650 stores offering family-friendly amusement and dining options. Furthermore, the parent community encompasses an international school as well as a specialized medical facility.

Address Villas Hillcrest Masterplan

Dubai Hills' Address Villas Hillcrest presents a secure residential area brimming with flourishing gardens and remarkable water elements. With an urban river and lake panorama, each villa is orientated towards the scenic views. The community features a central clubhouse complete with an indoor fitness center and outdoor swimming pool. Additional communal facilities include a children's play zone, half court for basketball enthusiasts, outdoor gymnasium, as well as two recreational green spaces. An array of amenities such as picnic spots by the lake-side and serene lily ponds complement this thriving naturalistic lifestyle experience.

In addition to their personal amenities, inhabitants can utilize the communal resources provided by the main group, including:

Properties in Address Villas Hillcrest

The residential community at Villas Hillcrest Dubai Hills has a total of 138 properties, which includes 51 Classic villas and 87 Modern villas. The size of the plots for a five-bedroom villa varies from 6,983 sq. ft. to 10,805 sq. ft., while the built-up area ranges from 9,918 sq. ft. to 10,372 sq. ft.. Other than ground and first floors, these villas have basement and rooftop settings as well. On the ground floor are included amenities such as great room, dining/family room with an eat-in kitchen adjacent to it but outside the closed one, ensuite guest bedroom along with maid's quarters and powder room.

The outdoor area of the house features a patio where one can dine and relax surrounded by lush greenery. There is ample parking space for two vehicles per villa, as well as an additional choice to include an elevator if desired.

The initial floor houses four bedrooms comprising one main suite and three additional rooms. The primary bedroom features a generously sized walk-in wardrobe and en-suite bathroom, as well as two separate balconies - one accessible from the bedroom itself, and another directly off the bathroom. When comparing Classic villas to their Modern counterparts, the most notable distinction lies in both balcony dimensions and overall exterior design; with Modern villas being characterized by more expansive balconies.

Address Villas Hillcrest Emaar is offering 5-bedroom villas with a price range of AED 20.6M to AED 30M. It is expected that the price will increase after construction completes.

Payment Plan

Emaar Properties has introduced a payment plan of 80/20 for Address Villas Hillcrest Emaar, where buyers are required to make an initial down payment of 10% of the entire cost. The remaining amount will be divided into ten installments, each comprising 70% until June 2026 when the handover takes place.

*Source: Emaar Properties



Is Address Villas Hillcrest finished?

The construction of Address Villas Hillcrest is presently underway.

What is the expected date of completion for Address Villas Hillcrest?

It is anticipated that Address Villas Hillcrest will be finished and turned over to its proprietors in June of 2026.

Where is Address Villas Hillcrest located?

Dubai Hills Estate is the site of Address Villas Hillcrest, situated in Dubai.

Who developed Address Villas Hillcrest?

Emaar Properties is the developer of Address Villas Hillcrest.

What type of properties is available in Address Villas Hillcrest?

Villas Hillcrest provides villas in both classic and modern styles, with 5 bedrooms available.

The image showcased has been provided by Emaar Properties as their featured source.